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Hepatitis Treatment Institute of Florida
The Hepatitis Treatment Institute of Florida was founded by Dr. Mitchell N. Davis, a senior partner of the South Florida Center of Gastroenterology. Dr. Davis has been at the forefront of hepatitis research and treatment for over 14 years.  In November, 2009, the program was formally named the Hepatitis Treatment Institute of Florida.   The Institute is a Center of Excellence, recognized as a leader in the community, in all areas of liver disease. 
Dr. Davis and his team have been participating in multiple clinical trials which have advanced the medical management of Hepatitis C.  Many of the medications that are now available were studied in the Center.  Subsequently, patients may qualify to be treated with medications two to five years before they come to market. 
The field of Hepatitis C treatment is rapidly expanding with multiple new medications in the pipeline. The Institute is committed to providing cutting edge treatment and care to these patients.
This past Fall, Dr. Davis presented at the prestigious 60th Annual meeting of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases, hosted in Boston, Massachusetts.  Dr. Davis and his fellow researchers reported on the response guided therapy with Boceprevir combination therapy in patients with chronic Hepatitis C virus.  Boceprevir is a investigational HCV protease inhibitor. This was one of the biggest and most exciting papers presented at the meeting. 
The study showed exceptionally encouraging results in the outcomes of the hardest to treat patients diagnosed with Heptatitis C who had no response to prior therapy. What this means to the patient diagnosed with Hepatitis C is the possibility of improving the quality of the patient's life by achieving successful therapeutic outcomes.
In addition to treating Hepatitis C, the Hepatitis Treatment Institute of Florida is also recognized as a leader in the community in diagnosing and treating all areas of liver disease including cirrhosis,Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and fatty liver.
Dr. Davis was recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine.  To read the article please click here.
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